ProperSign Webinar Getting RON Certified

Getting RON Certified

On-Demand Webinar for Notaries

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Become an Online Notary!

Demand for more convenient consumer experiences is affecting every professional, including notaries. Remote online notarization is creating new opportunities for notaries and customers to connect safely and securely, but with new technology, come lots of questions!

If you work in a state that allows RON, but you aren't sure where to start. Don't worry. This webinar will help. 

During this session, we'll cover the basic steps like: 

  • Checking state requirements 
  • Getting the correct amount surety bond and E&O insurance
  • Understanding the technology requirements to perform RON
  • Gathering all the information to complete an application

This session is ideal for any professional who performs notarizations as part of their job role. If you're a loan signing agent, title agent, or notary providing general services, sign up and get your questions about RON answered! 


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